Overcome your fear of

speaking French and

be more confident than ever!

We work on self-confidence and communication

in addition of learning French

We work on self-confidence and communication in addition of learning French

so that you can speak French AND be the best version of yourself!

Do you feel like:

- you're stressed about learning French because of your bad experience at school?

- you're worried because you haven't been in a class for 20 years?

- you're afraid to make mistakes and feel like you have to be perfect?

- you have many thoughts or beliefs limiting your potential ("not good enough", "I can't do this", etc.)?

- not speaking French is holding you back in your career?

- being wrong or failing makes you feel so down that you want to give up, or actually never start (so you don't feel that way)?

- you're stuck in French and/or in your life?

When it comes to learning French,

you have tried:

- Duolingo or another similar app

- YouTube videos

- nothing for the past 20 years or since school

- Google translate

- group classes with 12 students or more

- travelling to France

but it hasn't really worked for you...

You're still stuck, not confident, can't communicate in French?

You're looking for a new way to learn French that would fit your learning profile, your needs and your busy life?

You need something more than all this!

First, learning a language is a human experience, so if you take the human part out of it, you're on the road to failure... No app or automatic course will ever give you the results that you want. There is no personalized feedback, loss of motivation and not a lot of improvement in the end...

Second, even though there's a common process in learning, each learner is different. You have your very own learning profile; teaching the same thing, the same way to different learners is the first mistake of the school system too.

Speaking of which, your experience at school has shaped your behaviour in your learning process. The school system is extremely damaging for most of us:

- with grades, we end up believing that mistake is failure, and that success means no mistake; this huge amount of pressure and judgment leads to anxiety at school and burnout at work

- many of us have also experienced bullying at school; that leaves serious scars...

- with classes of 25, 35 (or more) students, there is no room for individual attention

- students are seen as empty boxes that teachers should fill up and if your container is different than the "norm", then it means you are the problem...

Your family story can make it better or worse. Same for your work life.

All this has lead you to believe what you believe now. It's probably why you feel like you can't do it, you're not good enough or that you need to be perfect in order to speak French (or succeed / be worthy / be loved, fill in the blank...).

The thing is, if you don't deal with it, you will never be able to be fully free, confident and happy; you won't be able to access your full potential and will always struggle to learn French or anything else...

Can you imagine...

- if you could speak French with confidence

- have thoughts that boost you instead of bringing you down

- feel confident enough to try to learn anything you want

- be a better communicator

- be able to unleash your potential in ALL areas of your life!

That's why I've created this program!

Who am I ?

Sarah Dessert


Yes, my real name is Dessert, and it suits me well because I do have a sweet tooth!

Born and raised in France, I decided to start a new life in Canada.

I love teaching French probably as much as I love to speak English! I got my French teaching degree in France and have been a French instructor for more than 9 years now, both in France and Canada.

I've started this French journey with hundreds of students and I especially enjoy doing the first steps with beginners.

With my experience in Alberta, I’ve become a specialist of teaching French to English speakers.

Teaching adults here for several years has allowed me to know my audience really well: understand their needs, their challenges, as well as their strenghts. Being fluent in English myself, I can communicate and create a bond with my clients to support them even better in their learning journey.

Let's go back for a moment

In my personal and professional experience, I’ve been asking myself: how is it possible that happy kids become unhappy adults? As a student and then a teacher, I’ve been wondering how come so many young people hate school and so many adults are afraid to go back to learning.

Have you ever asked yourself why is it that we are so supportive, encouraging, caring with babies and young children but not with adults? Well, I have!

I wanted to know when this change happened and the reason why. I started by reflecting on my own journey; to help you see what I’ve learned, I’m going to share some of my personal story here.

When I was young, I was a happy and enthusiastic child; I used to love school (yes, even homework!), I was a good student/learner and comfortable in my life. Because my family moved, I had to change schools a couple times and the sensitive and dreamy kid that I was, started to discover that school can be the best or the worst thing… My teachers used to tell me over and over again that I was a good and serious student but too slow or too distracted and it would show up in my grades. Before then, I had never really asked myself who I was; like all the kids, I was just living my life. But suddenly, adults were putting words that were supposed to describe me.

In secondary school, I had to endure bullying for several years. School became more like hell than a place where I enjoyed learning.

Unfortunately, at the same time, my home fell apart: there was violence, abuse, betrayal, abandonment, and divorce. I can't even describe how much pain I had inside...

This deeply affected me: my self-confidence was shrinking, my inside world becoming darker and my desire of living slowly disappearing… I just couldn’t wait for high-school to be over to get away to university and start fresh!

But because I didn’t get the help I needed at that time to process all this and heal, my damaged self-esteem followed me at university and then on my first job experiences…

The list of my symptoms was quite long:

- I had a huge amount of anxiety, panic attacks were a big part of my life

- body pain and discomfort

- I was seeking approval

- became a people-pleaser to try to avoid any conflict

- couldn’t accept feedback because I was feeling attacked

- was trying to be fast not to hear I was "too slow"

At some point, I let others define me because I didn’t believe in my skills and knowledge; I used to be so scared of confronting people that I didn’t stand up for myself because I thought it was my fault somehow and that I wasn’t really worth it

It took me quite a long time to be aware of the damages all this had made; then I had to rediscover and rebuild myself layer by layer for years.

I’m sharing all this with you today to let you know that if you see yourself somehow through my words, keep in mind that this behaviour is a consequence of something that happened to you, it’s not YOU.

So if you think that you’re not good at something or that you could never succeed in something, it’s not because you suck, it might be because you have lost faith in yourself

Throughout what I call my "way back to life", I’ve actually learned to reconnect with the joyful child I was. That is the natural state of a human being: joy! Depending on how you've lived your life as an adult, it can be tough to reconnect to this inner child, to be aware and heal, in order to find again this place of confidence every single human being should have. But it’s so worth it, and truly the only way to be authentic, free and happy!

Most people who meet me today don't even suspect that I went through so much as a young girl; that's the power of resilience right there! And guess what, you have that inside of you too!

Each and every one of your learning experiences has shaped your vision and your behaviour in a learning process. I’ve come to understand that the main issue is actually the school system. A person growing up with judgement, competition and punishment will easily become an over-demanding boss, a mean colleague or a non-supportive parent because that’s what they learned to do and/or to be. Bullying can then happen all over again in your work life if you don’t do something about it.

Not long ago, I was sharing the metaphor of the tree. Your self-confidence is like a tree (I am Groot!): when you’re a baby, adults around you water the tree and you build your self-confidence as you grow up. But throughout your life, people or experiences can be like an ax cutting off parts of your beautiful tree and if you don’t stop it, your tree eventually falls down…

The great news is that your resilience can help you make the tree grow again! You have way more resources than you think. It’s never too late to work on yourself to be better and happier!

I’m the living proof that you can be completely destroyed and still find your way back to being the most joyful version of yourself!

What I've seen in my classes

Now as a French instructor for adults, I started to notice that some students were failing at French. I believe that there is no failure when it comes to learning a language, except if you give up. So if you stay committed, you can only succeed! However, no matter how much I encouraged them, I could see sadness or frustration on their faces: they were stuck, afraid, insecure, and they would eventually stop learning French. As their instructor, I felt sad for them because I could see their potential.

I realized that they needed something more, something that was beyond French; something that I was missing too when I was a student... That's why I decided to start my own business in 2020: so that I could offer them what they needed.

That's how Learn French and Thrive was born!

I've created this program so that you can stop being afraid of learning French and speak confidently.

I want to help you thrive, feel empowered, free and confident so you can live your best life!

Your life will change

You will:

- speak French with ease and confidence

- believe in yourself again (#beyourowncheerleader)

- know that mistakes can be your best allies

- learn anything with confidence

- change your personal and professional life

- make your dreams come true

- feel more confident than ever before

This is not your regular French course...

It is the union of personal growth AND French learning!

As we learn French together, we work on what’s keeping you from thriving thanks to coaching sessions: we boost your self-confidence and communication so you can speak French AND live your best life!

It’s one thing to speak French, but another thing altogether to pierce through the inner obstacles that hold you back from using your full potential.

I’ll support you and co-create this with you,

so your learning journey feels like YOU.

The program is based on 3 pillars:

1. weekly live lessons to learn French

2. weekly live sessions to coach you in your personal growth

3. access to a French community to practice with others

and make new (French) friends

Together, we'll learn and unlearn, we'll get rid of the weight on your shoulders and the obstacles in your mind, we'll put a real smile back on your face and even reopen your heart!

Are you ready to be the next and better version of you?

I offer an immersion experience...

I've seen the best results with this approach.

I establish a safe, caring and fun atmosphere so that everybody feels comfortable to be just who they are and not afraid to make mistakes, because you know what? Making mistakes is part of the process and there is absolutely no shame in that!

We have a saying in French: «C’est en se trompant, qu’on apprend !», which means that it’s when you make mistakes that you actually learn!

The human interaction is what I love the most about being a French instructor: help people get where they want to be, guide and support them on this path, show them that they can do it by ​rebuilding or improving self-confidence in and outside of the class.

Whether you want to learn French to travel to Paris, because your family is francophone, to support your kids in French immersion, or to get a better position at work, I’m devoted to help you thrive and reach your goals!

I bring my energy and my expertise to co-create this French journey with you.

Learning a language is not only about grammar, it’s a human experience; that’s why your French journey doesn’t stop at the end of the class!

At Sweet French Learning, we empower each other! We work on what’s keeping you from learning and once you get rid of your learning obstacles, you naturally thrive in your French journey!

When you’re not afraid to speak anymore, when you’re happy to learn, then you do, because you feel better

about it!

It’s as simple (and efficient) as that. Just like the name of the program is saying : learn French and thrive!

What sets me apart as a French instructor:

I’m a qualified and native French instructor:

I went to university to study French language and got my teaching degree in France.

I had the chance to be trained and then teach at the best French language school in France (Cavilam – Alliance française); it has shaped the kind of teacher I am today.

I've also studied communication and human psychology, which is a passion of mine.

I’m a native French speaker and I have experience both in France and Canada.

Moreover, as I’ve been through this learning process many times for languages or other things, I know what you are or will be going through.

I specialize in teaching French to English speakers:

Each nationality (profile) has specific needs and challenges when it comes to learning French; I’ve decided to focus on English speakers.

Being fluent in English myself allows me to know my clients better through their learning journey and bond with them without any language barrier.

Immersion approach:

From my personal and professional experience, I know that an immersion approach is the best way to learn a language (as you learn IN the language).

Unlike many of my competitors out there, I do not practice a translation approach (teaching French in another language) because I’ve seen the blocks and frustration that it creates long term for the students, and I don’t want that for my clients.

We speak in French from the very first class and go further together as we learn to communicate in French.

My unique style:

I’ve received lots of feedback about my great energy and my compassion. I’ve decided to include personal growth in my business: thanks to the coaching program, you don’t just learn French. Together, we create a safe space, build a solid bond and work on self-confidence to overcome obstacles so that you can really thrive in ANY learning journey!

As teachers, this is NOT something we learn at university, but I’ve seen throughout my different professional experiences that it is the key to unleash the full potential of people learning a new language. This is something I’ve never seen in Canada in adult training and I’m proud to bring that to the market!

It’s not just a job:

Teaching French is truly a passion of mine and that’s the reason why I’ve decided to make it a business!

I don’t do this just to pay my bills, I do this because I love it, just like I love to connect and help people to thrive and be a better version of themselves.

Sweet French Learning’s Plus:

I offer a 30 minute catch-up call if a student cannot attend a group class. I also have small group classes (maximum of 8 people), which is something that my clients usually appreciate.

This makes it more intimate and less intimidating when you start (or go back) to learn French as an adult.

Benefits of Learn French and Thrive

  • French learning:
    the first 4 weeks of online lessons together (once a week)
    content depends on each group or person (from beginner to advanced level)
  • Change your mindset:
    this is about getting into the right mindset to create the change you want to see; we'll talk about radical responsibility and honesty, emotions, body and brain, strategy and consistency
  • Limiting thoughts and how they’re holding you back:
    we'll talk about what you believe about yourself, what voices you have in your head and self-sabotaging
  • Access to the French Conversation Club
  • French learning:
    the next 4 weeks of online lessons together (once a week)
    content depends on each group or person (from beginner to advanced level)
  • Mistake and regret:
    learn to see the lesson or the reason to be able to live regret-free! Your mistakes can be your best allies in life.
    We'll talk about your experience at school and/or at home and reconnect with your inner-child.
  • Self-love:
    learn to be your own best friend! We'll talk about self-care, self-esteem, boundaries and how you can take your power/time/life back!
  • French Conversation Club

  • French learning:
    the last 4 weeks of online lessons together (once a week)
    content depends on each group or person (from beginner to advanced level)
  • Communication:
    be aware of your communication and how to improve it; we'll talk about non-verbal communication and how you can instantly boost your confidence when you speak!
  • Dream:
    let’s take the first step to make your dreams come true! We'll talk about what you truly desire for your life and see how we can make it happen!
  • French Conversation Club

This is for you if:

  • You are committed to be a better version of yourself
  • You’ve always dreamed of speaking French but you’re afraid because of your bad experience at school
  • You’ve never taken French lessons before and you’re worried about starting now as an adult
  • You're sick of getting stuck or not being confident in your life
  • You want to communicate in French easily
  • You desire to feel free and empowered
  • You want a safe space to learn and grow

This is not for you if:

  • You expect me to do everything for you
  • You just want regular French lessons
  • You don’t have time or money to invest in yourself
  • You don’t want to make your dreams come true
  • You don’t really care about the way you communicate
  • You’re satisfied with not living your best life

At Sweet French Learning, it’s not like school:

  • You won’t have to sit all day long: we're going to use our bodies in this journey
  • I won’t ask you to stay silent because I believe I’m the only one who knows what we’re talking about
  • You won’t be punished if you don’t do your homework
  • You won’t have grades because I've seen that it’s not the right way to evaluate progress
  • I won’t shame you if you make a mistake
  • You don’t even need to ask permission to go to the bathroom!

They talk about their experience

  • Joanne:

    Sarah gave me back my confidence to relearn the French I used to speak & more!!
    Her belief & passion to help YOU learn to speak French has no boundaries!!
    Sarah thank you for your endless patience.
    I am loving my results!
  • Karine:

    Sarah knows how to open hearts, look into your soul and without being agressive. She is an amazing teacher.
    She IS actually sweet and
    I learn French with pleasure and confidence.
    Thanks to Sarah,
    I really improve my French and I have so much fun that I forgot I was learning...
    Thank you Sarah, you're the best! :)
  • Amy:

    Sarah has given me some really useful advice without ever forcing it upon me.
    She's really fun and
    I learn a lot from her. She's passionate and I love her style.
    I definitely recommend doing this journey with her!
  • Nora:

    Learning to speak French is a challenge but
    learning with Sarah, will have you speaking French in a few lessons and you’ll definitely have fun.
    Sarah is one of the best instructors that I have ever had and
    after each lesson my confidence and ability to speak French increased consistently.
    She coached me with pronunciation so that I could give a speech in French and in France and be understood.
    My ability to travel in France has become so much easier after learning to speak French with Sarah and it has completely changed my travel experiences.

There's something else...

Bonus 1: a very flexible schedule

  • Your French journey fits working people's schedule AND can match the school year calendar! Because it shouldn't take you away from family time or mess with your work day; this is a bonus for you so you can start to transform your life RIGHT NOW!
    Moreover, you will need breaks to let your French box rest and process everything we’ll do together.

Bonus 2: Sweet French Learning’s plus

  • If you register for a group class:
    You cannot attend one of the sessions? No worries, everything covered will be sent to you by email and if you need it, you can have a complimentary private 30 min session with your instructor to catch up before the next class.

I’m not a magician or a fairy, and you’re not a pumpkin!

I’m a guide that will help you see that you already have what you need inside.

Together, we unleash your full potential so that you can speak French AND thrive in every aspect of your life!

How amazing is that?!

Like everything else in life: don’t let a bad experience stop you from doing something you want to do!

What you can expect:

  • You will always have support
  • I will push you when you need it, always with kindness of course!
  • You will work with others if you register for a group class
  • You can ask all the questions you have
  • We create this journey together to reach your goals
  • You will learn about communication and self-confidence
  • I will do my best so that you leave every class with a smile on your face!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long is the program?
    We take this journey together for 3 months (12 weeks), with 2 sessions per week. Each part of the program is one month.
  • Will I have all the French lessons first?
    No, each week you will have 1 French lesson and 1 coaching session. We move at your pace on both levels.
  • How long are the sessions?
    Each session is 90 minutes (for a private client); that means you will need at least 3 hours per week to complete the program.
  • I work full-time, can I still do the program?
    Yes! As mentioned in the bonuses, I offer a very flexible schedule for busy people: I do morning or evening sessions and Saturdays, so you can always have a spot to book your sessions.
  • How much time does it require per week?
    With 2 sessions of 90 minutes, you'll need to book 3 hours in your week for our sessions. After that, you'll need some time to review things and do the assignment. This time is up to you: how much you can do, how much energy you have, and it can be very flexible. Think about it as time for yourself, just like you would set a time to meet a friend or have a date with your loved one. We can talk about it during our Meet and Greet.
  • Do you have payment plans?
    Yes, there are several options available for you; we'll explore that during the Meet and Greet.
  • What happens if I click on the button?
    When you click on the buttons, my scheduling page will appear. There, you can follow the steps to book the best time for you to have a video call with me. During this call, we'll get to know each other, chat about your goals, see if we're a good fit, assess your level in French, talk about your questions or concerns and then discuss the payment options if it's a YES on both sides.
  • How many spots do you have?
    Right now, I only take private clients for this journey. My schedule is filling up so there's just a few spots available. Moreover, we need to be a good fit for you to get the best value out of this program. So booking a call with me does not automaticly save you a spot. If we decide to go for it during our Meet and Greet, I'll confirm your spot once payment is made.
  • Do you do group sessions?
    Yes, but only on demand right now: either you already have other people interested, or you can ask to be on the waiting list for people who only want to do group sessions.
  • Do I have to know French to do the program?
    Absolutely not! This program is also for full beginners (no knowledge of French). We can talk about it during our Meet and Greet!
  • What are the conditions?
    I fully stand behind the value of my programs and offer a Meet and Greet (video call) before the program begins to ensure we're a good match. You are responsible for full payment of fees for the entire program, regardless of whether you actually attend or complete the program, and regardless if you selected a lump sum or payment plan.
    No refunds will be issued for processed payments and all payments must be paid as agreed.
    Sessions cancelled less than 24 hours prior (or no-shows) will be charged.